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Many homeowners have that old "white plaster" look with staining. We offer a high quality smooth pebble with a life time of up to 20 years. Combined with our superior water jetting for better plaster bonding. 



As your pool ages, it starts to strain and make other equipment fail. At Plaster People we are constantly installing the latest pool equipment for our customers. New equipment can reduce costs and make your pool more enjoyable. 


Bond Coats = Hollow Spots. At Plaster People we Hydro-Demo every square inch of the original plaster surface to remove all paint, weak plaster & create a superior anchor for the new surface. This is the best bond coat available. 


Changing out the tile can bring a whole new look to your pool. We offer basic standard tile or an upgraded glass tile. Our tile comes with an upgraded thinset and grout for superior bonding. 


Coping is a very important aspect of your pool to upgrade. It can enhance your pool water color significantly. With many different options available to make your pool beautiful again.



With remodels we often find damage decking with cracks. We can remove the existing decking and pour a new deck to complete the look. 


Pool mastic is a flexible sealant that is applied between the coping and the deck. It is a critical component of any swimming pool since it helps to prevent water from seeping into the joint and causing damage.

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