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Professional Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Swimming pools can develop leaks for various reasons. In some cases, the leak is within the pool itself and can be fixed with pool resurfacing.

In other instances, the leak can be located in the pool plumbing requiring a much more complex process or a crack in the gunite.

Possible Leak

Leaks can get expensive quickly, with regularly having to refill the pool with water to possibly causing problems with your pool equipment. Here are a few possibly signs that your pool might have a leak.

  1. Adding water to the pool more then once a week

  2. Possible cracks in the plaster, tile & deck 

  3. The ground around the deck is wet or soggy 

  4. Skimmers have cracks or are sucking in air

Bucket Test

The title says it all. There is a simple way to figure out if the pool is leaking, the bucket test. For this DIY project you will need:

  • 5 gallon bucket

  • Permanent marker

  • A heavy object to place inside bucket that can get wet

  1. Turn off all your pool equipment and water features. Once the equipment is off, place the 5 gallon bucket in the second step of your pool. Place the heavy object inside the bucket and fill it up with water so that the water level is even with that of the pool. 

  2. With the permanent marker mark the current level of water on both sides of the bucket. Return with in 1-2 days to check the water level of the bucket and pool. If the water level inside the bucket and pool decreased the same amount, you most likely don't have a leak. However, if the water level in the pool is much lower then that of the bucket, it's likely you might have a leak. 

Pool Leak Professionals 

If you need help locating a leak or need a professional to repair a leak, one of our team members at Plaster People will be happy to help you out. 

You can give us a call at (817) 659-7511 or book a FREE a consultation today!

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